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Power Tool Brands

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Power Tools

DeWALT Power Tools

are guaranteed TOUGH for today’s market, DeWALT 9.6v to 36v Cordless Drill Drivers & Cordless Hammer Drills and DeWALT NANO Lithium Power Tools complete an extensive range of cordless power tools. Corded Power Tools include 110v & 230v DeWALT Rotary Drills and DeWALT SDS-Plus Hammer Drills, DeWALT Power Tools extend the range with industrial quality DeWALT Mitre Saws covering Flip-Over Saws, Table Top Mitre Saws, Radial Arm Saws, DeWALT Bandsaws & DeWALT Thicknesses, ever popular DeWALT Routers, Jigsaws, DeWALT Circular Saws, Planers, Angle Grinders and DeWALT Sanders complete the DeWALT range.

Evolution Power Tools

manufacture a range of specialist machines dedicated to cutting steel and aluminum, Evolution Extreme Circular Saws & the Evolution Raptor Cut Off Saw are industrial power tools suitable for sustained daily use. Evolution also manufacture a range of Evolution RAGE construction industry machines suitable for daily use, these Evolution Power Tools are multipurpose offering many new applications over normal power tools. To complete the range we stock the latest Evolution Magnetic Drilling Machines complete with metric, imperial, short and long broaching cutters for all standard hole sizes.

Bosch Power Tools

mighty blue range of professional power tools meets the highest standards in power, precision & robustness for truly professional results, Bosch Power Tools have high powered Bosch Angle Grinders, tool-free Jigsaws, Orbital, Random & Bosch Belt Sanders with a comprehensive range of Bosch SDS-Max Drills & Bosch SDS-Plus Hammer Drills. Bosch covers cordless drilling technology with Bosch Cordless Drill Drivers & Bosch Cordless Hammer Drills from 36v lithium batteries down to 10.8v drills & chargers. Professional Bosch Mitre Saws & Mitre Saw Stands complete this impressive range all backed by the reassurance of a 3-year on-line warranty.

Panasonic Power Tools

covers power tools in the big power Panasonic Cordless 12v, 15.6v, 18v & 24v ranges, with the high capacity 3.5Ah Panasonic Nickel-Metal Hydride battery on most machines, Panasonic Cordless Drill Drivers, Cordless Rotary Hammer, SDS-Plus Hammer Drills and the newest Panasonic Cordless Impact Drivers means these Power Tools give you some of the longest running machines on the market today, truly awesome battery technology and fast accurate cordless drilling.

Draper Hand Tools and Draper Power Tools

supplying the tools market for over 90 years, gives a full professional hand tools range including screwdrivers, pliers, Draper hammers & wood saws, the automotive tools include engine service tools, workshop equipment, socket sets & spanners, a storage range to complement the hand tools includes tool chests, roller cabinets, draper tool boxes & tool bags. Draper Power Tools offer an equally extensive range including workshop equipment with floor standing drills & bench drills, band saws, bench planers and wood lathes, also includes bench grinders with or without work lights, wet & dry vacuum cleaners, mig welders, tig welders and a full range of professional air tools and air compressors to run them.

Makita Power Tools

offer tried & trusted machines with some ground breaking innovations for the professional power tool user, innovations such as Makita Lithium-ion battery technology lasting up to 40% longer, keeping Makita Power Tools a preferred choice of the trade. Adding to the popular range of standard NiMH Makita cordless drill drivers and cordless hammer drills is the long lasting Makita Lithium-ion range of power tools including lithium combine hammer drills, lithium drill drivers, lithium air impact wrenches & impact drivers. Uncompromising on engineering excellence the Makita Lithium Power Tools range offers the same attention to detail and quality you would expect from any Makita tool.


with over 20 years experience, are the professional choice for cordless first fix nailing applications, offering high performance gas nailer technology without the need for a compressor. Paslode straight brad nailers, angled brad nailers & fine finish brad nailers plus frame angled nailers and metal roofing nailers offer the construction industry a fully comprehensive range of gas fuel cell nailers. Paslode fuel cells and an extensive choice of Paslode nail packs complete the consumables required to power and use their high quality professional nail guns.

Eswing Hammers

are known throughout the construction industry as the undisputed champion hand held hammer available to the trade, use one and you never want anything else. The Estwing professional hammer range includes the legendary weight forward EWF21 claw hammer as well as more traditional curved claw hammers, straight claw hammers, framing hammers, deadblow, brick and Estwing drywall hammers. This small but significant range of professional hand held hammers is completed by the inclusion of a nylon-vinyl grip rock pick geological tool, leather grip sportsman’s axe and leather hammer holster.

Ryobi Power Tools

delivers engineering quality and innovation as an integral part of the power tool product range. The innovative One Plus Ryobi cordless power tool system allows one powerful 18v Ryobi battery to power a total of 23 Ryobi power tools including drill drivers, hammer drills, random orbit sander, angle grinder and Ryobi planer giving greater versatility and affordability. Augmenting the Ryobi cordless power tools range, an exceptional range of corded machines are available, these machines include Ryobi impact drivers, SDS-Plus hammer drills, auto-feed screwdrivers, chopsaws, sheet and belt sanders and reciprocating saws. The full Ryobi range carries a 2 year parts & labour warranty.

Stanley Tools

make what some people believe to be the best hand tools in the world, coming up with new ideas, better production methods and clever thinking helps tradesmen do their jobs better than ever no wonder 70% of all branded hand tools sold carry the Stanley Hand Tools name. The Stanley professional quality tools range includes popular FatMax & FatMax XL tape measures, screwdriver sets, best in class FatMax builders levels and chalk lines and a full range of FatMax storage including cantilever workshops, auto-latch toolboxes, waterproof toolboxes and open mouthed tool bags offering greater durability and performance for the trade.

Senco Duraspin Drywall Screwdrivers

are a top quality product, that’s official according to Professional Builder magazine, giving the Senco range one of the most coveted awards in the industry. These Senco Drivers carry strips of 50 Collated Screws which can be driven rapidly and single handed speeding up fastening jobs such as dry walling to wood or steel, the easily adjustable depth control on the Drywall Screwdriver range allows flush or countersink finishing, they offer a full range of Senco Cordless and Corded Screwdrivers complete with an extensive range of Collated Screws.

Trend Routers

provide market leading routing machines, router cutters and a full range of accessories including worktop jigs for all the woodworking trades. As leaders for over half a century Trend Machinery offer an extensive range of variable speed ¼” and ½” col-let plunge type workshop routers, Trend biscuit joiners and laminate trimmers, the range is completed with industrial dust extractors and router tables.

McCulloch Chainsaws

McCulloch Chainsaws published on

McCulloch Chainsaw

McCulloch chainsaws are very popular because they offer, cheap, serviceable chainsaws. They are definitely not the best in the industry, but they work and they get the job done. When compared to other chainsaws that cost nearly $400, you get ones starting around $120 from McCulloch.

If you want something even cheaper, you can go with their electrical ones that cost less than $100.

McCulloch chainsaws tend to get polarized reactions from their users. People either give it a 5 star rating or a 1 star. The problem is that they are made for a specific purpose and with a certain market in mind, and if you do not do your research properly you are definitely going to be disappointed.

For example, if you want a really powerful chainsaw and one that is so robustly built that it is just its size that prevents it being used in the logging industry, you will have to shell out quite a bit of money.

Most home owners however are not loggers, and the chances of them ever wanting to cut down a tree is remote. Most of us want something that can be used to trim the branches of any trees we have in our yard, or maybe prune some shrubs. Sometimes, you may even want them to chop up some firewood, if you are in the habit of getting them in large blocks.

An electrical chainsaw is more than enough for these purposes which is why they are very popular. Electrical motors are not as finicky as gas ones, and they also keep much better, in the sense that you can leave them lying around for months on end, and then when you plug them in and switch them on, they will work.

McCulloch has a few electrical chainsaws for this reason in their line. They are pretty decent and although they are not the most powerful they are adequate for most of our needs. The only problem with them is that they are constrained by the length of the extension chord. Also some of us do not like the fact that there is a wire snaking along behind us.

If it gets snagged somewhere when we are using it, it can be potentially dangerous, which is why McCulloch also has a few gas-powered chainsaws that you can choose from.

The good thing about them is that they are cheap, you get them for around $120. The bad thing about them is that everything about them feels cheap. This is the cause of the polarized reactions. If you understand that you are paying cut rate prices for a chainsaw, you will definitely be happy with these. If on the other hand you want something more robust and better quality, you will be disappointed.

All McCulloch chainsaws are made to a price, and they also make sure that all their parts are very easily replaced. This means that if something breaks you can only replace that part and you are good to go. You don’t need to replace the whole machine.

The motor fires up at the first pull, and you can even cut down small trees with it. It may huff and puff like a middle aged man on a treadmill, but it can do it. The plastics all rattle and vibrate and give you the feeling that they are going to shake itself to pieces in a few seconds, but even after a couple of hours still remain fixed.

Of course you can get better ones, but none as good as this at this price. Everything that costs the same is even worse than the McCulloch. This is why you will have to know beforehand what you need the chainsaw for before you get one.

If you are going to be using fairly regularly, then you may need a more powerful one. If on the other hand you are like the vast majority of us who just need something that will simplify yard work, this is more than enough. It gives us everything that we ask for, it is cheap, it works, and parts are easy to come by. If you have to sacrifice a little in terms of user experience, you also get a very good deal in terms of price. A very compromise package.