As we welcome in a new year, 乐博最新 takes this opportunity to look back on 2020 in this Annual Report. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic affected us all – how we live, how we work and how we interact with each other.  这很困难, especially not being able to collaborate with our members in person and to share our time together at association events.  然而, 正如这份2020年乐博最新所显示的那样, the Association was able to work within the new parameters caused by the pandemic, to continue to provide exceptional service to our members.  We look forward with optimism that this new year will bring back some normalcy to our industry and in our daily lives.  一如既往地, we thank our members for their commitment to the betterment of the union heavy and highway construction industry in western 宾西法尼亚.” 

理查德J. Barcaskey




乐博最新 stepped into action and created the COVID-19 Update section on homepage of nightowlclassic.com to provide easy access to the most up-to-date information for members.

乐博最新 Covid-19更新页面

In response to the Governor’s order shutting down PennDOT and Turnpike projects in March of 2020, 乐博最新与APC合作, 制定, ACEC考评的, 天竺鼠, PAPA and ACPA to advocate for the restart of highway construction projects.  After several weeks of a sustained effort, projects began to restart in May.


在4月, the Association worked with the 本地66号 and Simcoach to develop an online COVID-19 awareness training and certification program for contractors and their employees. The new training tool was developed in order to help companies to comply with new and changing training requirements. Developed to adhere to social distancing guidelines, this online tool educates employees about the facts of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they can protect themselves and those around them.

The training tool has four short quizzes and will generate a certificate.  The training can be utilized by contractors to comply with PennDOT requirements, which requires a “process to inform and educate all employees of information contained in the Supplemental COVID-19 安全 Plan prior to restart.”  This digital tool allows companies to comply with social distancing recommendations while still completing the required orientation training for their workforce to return to work.

The COVID-19大流行应对培训工具 was developed by Simcoach Games for Local 66 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, the Western 宾西法尼亚 Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program, and the Constructors Association of Western 宾西法尼亚.

To date, approximately 964 individuals have received certification via this training tool. 

行业COVID-19安全计划 & 海报


乐博最新 developed an industry-wide COVID-19 安全 Plan for members, which was widely adopted by PennDOT Districts covering western 宾西法尼亚.  This plan was able to be utilized by contractors to submit to Districts during the restart of PennDOT projects. 乐博最新 worked with members of the 乐博最新 安全 Committee and District 11 and 12 to assemble a PennDOT-compliant plan. 

安全计划 海报
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Checklist released for members

The Association created a helpful checklist for members to navigate the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which expands employee benefits and protections related to COVID-19. FFCRA created a new federal paid sick leave law, an emergency expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and expanded unemployment insurance provisions.


乐博最新 develops Guidance Document on Home Isolation, Quarantine, and Return to Work

乐博最新 developed a guidance document for members to use for when construction workers may have been exposed to COVID-19.  The document provided clear guidance on when to quarantine, isolate, or return to work.  The construction industry was deemed essential and was classified as critical infrastructure workers, 因此, allowing for specific CDC guidance for when to quarantine and return to work.


乐博最新 Secretary-Treasurer Visits White House to Discuss Loan Program

阿里·米尔斯, 李子合约执行副总裁, 中心董事会成员, 乐博最新执行委员会委员, 周二前往白宫, April 28 to discuss the impact the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) had on her company. Ali also participated in an 自动增益控制 ConstructorCast to discuss the effects of the shutdown.

看看播客, 她对白宫的访问, and her remarks during President Trump’s press conference.




As the industry collectively navigated a period of never before seen uncertainty, 乐博最新 members stepped up and made amazing efforts to serve the greater good in the community.  This is a small sampling of the innovative solutions and community outreach performed by the 乐博最新 Members.

东北铺路,一个分区. 欧洲大西洋海岸 LLC makes a splash

东北大道的小队,一个分区. 欧洲大西洋海岸公司 in Pittsburgh created mobile wash-stations from existing parts and materials to help keep work sites sanitary and safe. This innovative use of resources was shared with the company’s French division and will be deployed globally.

感谢托尼·舒尔茨, 提米短, 埃德•多伊尔, 布莱恩可能, 布莱恩Fiscus, Steve Durbin and Phil Stringert for their creative design work and to Nate Miller for shooting the video.

弗朗西斯·J. 加州公司. 帮助当地一线工人

Just before the heavy/highway construction industry received word from the Governor that all projects were subject to a mandatory shutdown, 弗朗西斯·J. 加州公司. was contacted by a visiting nurse in the Clarion, PA area. She was in desperate need of 60 N95 masks to be able to perform her visiting nurse duties.  The company was happy to be able to provide those 60 masks from their inventory so she could continue to safely perform her job caring for homebound patients.

独立挖掘公司. 向医务人员提供个人防护装备

When medical staff and first responders were in desperate need of PPE, 独立挖掘公司. 承担起自己的责任. The company donated 600 N95 masks and 100 pairs of safety goggles to major health care systems across 宾西法尼亚 and Ohio.

“Community is one of our core values, so we believe in giving back to the communities we serve.  There is no greater time than right now to demonstrate this with our actions,贾斯汀·福克斯说。, Vice President – Pittsburgh of 独立挖掘公司. 乐博最新董事会成员.



The Automated Speed Enforcement Program debuted in March of 2020 in work zones across the state.


The Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Program has been one of 乐博最新’s legislative priorities for the past several years. The program aims to deter speeding in work zones and ultimately improve motorist and roadway worker safety.

This legislation has been one of 乐博最新’s legislative priorities for the past several years, 在这段时间里, 协会与APC密切合作, the unions and other stakeholders to gain final passage.


乐博最新, Unions, legislators discuss revenue decline, funding needs due to COVID-19

周三, 5月27日, 2020, the 乐博最新 Executive Committee and representatives from the Carpenters, 工人与操作工程师 held a virtual meeting with Congressmen Doyle, 凯利, 羊肉和Reschenthaler.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the decline in 宾西法尼亚’s state transportation revenue from reduced driving and other activities because of COVID-19.

在讨论, the Association explained that these declines will negatively impact 宾西法尼亚’s road and bridge program in three critical areas: funding for current projects already bid, funding for future projects being bid in 2020 and 2021, and delayed payment to contractors for work that has already been completed. 

The Association urged the Congressmen to support legislation that would provide an immediate infusion of $49.95 billion in funding to state DOTs to mitigate the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on state transportation revenues, 并制定一项两党, multi-year surface transportation legislation that provides increased investment levels and addresses the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

乐博最新 Discusses Transportation Funding Needs with Congressman Conor Lamb

周四, 7月23日, 2020, the Association met with Congressman Lamb’s staff to advocate for additional transportation funding for 宾西法尼亚.  Citing the loss of highway revenue resulting from the large reduction in driving caused by the pandemic, which in turn reduced gasoline tax revenue, 乐博最新 outlined the negative impact this has had on 宾西法尼亚’s road and bridge program.  It was pointed out that even before the pandemic, 宾西法尼亚, 尤其是宾夕法尼亚西南部, 是否处于资金短缺的边缘.

会议开得很及时, considering that both a federal transportation reauthorization bill and the inclusion of funding for state DOTs in the next COVID-19 relief bill were currently being debated in Washington. 

The Association continued to advocate for a strong transportation funding solution from Congress.  In addition to the meeting with Congressman Lamb, 乐博最新,  along with representatives of the Carpenters, 工人与操作工程师, met with members of the western 宾西法尼亚 Congressional delegation in May to discuss the decline in 宾西法尼亚’s state transportation revenue because of COVID-19.



4th Annual Student Estimating Competition

The 2020 乐博最新 Student Estimating Competition was held on February 7 & 8, 2020. The two-day event was packed with tough competition, informative seminars and an exciting finish to announce the winners.



As the first female board member and executive committee member in the Association’s 86 year history, 阿里·米尔斯, Executive Vice President/EEO at 李子承包公司. 她的血液里有构造吗. During Women in Construction Week, 乐博最新 had a quick Q&一个与阿里 about her career path and love of the industry.



乐博最新 and 未来修路 participated in several virtual workforce development programs.  While the pandemic made visiting schools in person impossible, 乐博最新能够使用FRB, 移动/虚拟工具, to continue to promote careers in highway construction.



2020 乐博最新 / H2AP虚拟安全宴会

Accident-free supervisors and companies with no lost time during the 2019 construction season, 以及2019年的救生奖, were recognized at the 2020 乐博最新 / H2AP虚拟安全宴会!

可以完整地观看, this virtual event honored supervisors and companies for making safety a top priority on the job site for the 2019 construction season. 



乐博最新 Participates in 自动增益控制 Virtual Media Event on Jobs and Work Zone 安全

周二, 6月30日, 2020, 乐博最新 Director of Industry Relations Jason Koss joined officials with the Associated General Contractors of America and HCSS to discusses the importance of highway work zone safety.  在虚拟活动期间, new survey results highlighting the dangers of highway work zones for motorists and workers were unveiled and new data showing the April numbers for highway construction workforce was released. The panel also shared tips for motorists on how to protect themselves and construction workers while on the road.



壕沟安全周- 6月17-21日


Construction 安全 Week – September 14-18





乐博最新 introduced a new member portal accessible via the 乐博最新 website on October 29, 2020.

This new portal will be a one stop shop where members can register for training and events, 支付活动发票, 并更新您的目录数据. Attendance history, payments, and training details will be easily accessible. 为承包商成员, all labor information previously housed on the website will now be housed within the new member portal.

随着成员门户的不断发展, 你将获得额外的, on-demand training options for you and your organization as well as membership renewal information.

With this change, your previous login credentials will no longer work on the 乐博最新 site. Individuals who had login credentials previously were automatically sent an email with their login credentials.

Should you wish to request a user name and password, you may sign up on the nightowlclassic.com home page in the upper right corner, using the SIGN UP link under 会员门户.

We look forward to continuing to provide relevant and quality content to the membership.







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Joseph F. Casilli

卡斯珀Colosimo & 儿子公司.


Justin Fox





Joseph F. Casilli - Casper colsimo & 儿子公司.

乔治·E. 梅泽-特朗布尔公司

约翰米. Mills - 李子承包公司.

罗伯特·G. 小矿工. -多尼戈尔建筑公司

斯蒂芬·米. Muck - Brayman建筑公司

查尔斯·J. Niederriter – Golden Triangle Construction Co.公司.

迈克尔一个. 帕罗-弗朗西斯J. 加州公司.

肯尼斯·L. Wolf - Mekis建筑公司


Anthony Bertolino – Mekis Construction Corporation

Erik Bertrand – Mosites Construction Company

Robert Breisinger – Mascaro Contracting, LP

Peter J. 卡鲁索四世-彼得J. 卡鲁索 & 儿子公司.

迈克尔一个. 小Facchiano. ——Michael Facchiano Contracting公司.


约瑟夫E. Kissane米. O 'Herron公司

约翰H. Laver IV - Lindy Paving公司.

David Matesic - Matcon Diamond

Brian Miller - 李子承包公司.


弗兰克Piedimonte – Brayman Construction Corp.

Forrest Schultz - Strongstown的B&K企业公司,.

David Sciullo – Golden Triangle Construction Co.公司.

Lance Shreffler - Gregori建筑公司

Ryan Surrena - Fay,一家i+iconUSA公司

安德鲁·R. 斯旺克-斯旺克建筑公司.公司


Associate Member Representative – Brian Jeffe – Seubert & 的同事