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Jurisdictional Information

Jurisdictional disputes on a construction site can result in lost time and job disruption for a contractor. In order to minimize this problem, the CAWP labor agreement contains provisions that settle jurisdictional disputes without job interruption.

Wage Rate Information

CAWP is unique in that the prevailing wage rates negotiated with the trades, and contained in the CAWP collective bargaining agreement, are the wage rates utilized by the federal and state governments for all heavy and highway work covered by the prevailing wage laws in western Pennsylvania. This provides a tremendous advantage to contractor members, in that they can bid on prevailing wage rate work with the comfort that the wage rates contained in their labor agreement are the same wage rates that are included in a project’s contract specifications.

Labor Relations

CAWP negotiated its first labor agreement in 1939. Since then, CAWP has been acting as the contractor’s agent in the area of labor relations, thereby relieving the employer of the need to assign labor relations responsibilities to company employees. Labor relation services provided to CAWP members are classified in the following categories: contract interpretation, grievance/arbitration, jurisdictional disputes, wage rate information, and trustee placement on fringe benefit funds.

Contract Interpretations

CAWP members have the benefit of simply calling the association to receive an interpretation of any provision contained in the CAWP labor agreement.

Labor Grievance and Arbitration

CAWP assists members in handling any grievance filed against their company.


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